Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is growing the number of visitors a website or page gets by quality and quantity through search engines such as Google and Bing. The goal of SEO is to improve the “organic” rankings or placements of a website through unpaid means (Not running ads).

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is online marketing where the advertiser (You) pays the publisher like Google every time the ad is clicked. When you search for something on Google, ads are usually found at the top of the page (Google has changed the placement of ads in the past).

How does social media benefit my business?

Social media is being used by ~80% of the US population and some of them are your customers or are looking for somebody offering your services!

  • Social media is a excellent way for you to stay in touch with your customers, building a lasting relationship with one on one contact, helping bring in repeat business.
  • Engaging with your customers on social media makes them more likely to share their experiences with their connections, bringing you more customers!
  • You are able to quickly update your customer base on any changes in your business like new hours, specials, information, etc.
  • Your social media accounts help bring potential customers and customers alike to your website to see what your business is all about.
Why does my business need this?

76% of the US population shops online and that number is only going to keep growing. As a business owner, imagine the impact that it could have if somebody went online looking for your business niche and you were the first one to pop up! It could take your business to the next level! With this service, you could have that top spot.

What should I look for when hiring an SEO company or agency?

There are many different factors to consider when deciding whether or not an SEO company is the right choice for you. Here are just a few examples to look for when hiring a company:

You SHOULD hire them if:You should NOT hire them if:
They follow the guidelines set by the search engine, like Google or Bing, and back up any claims with sources from the search engine itself.They use spam to attempt to fool the search engine into ranking you. This might temporarily improve your ratings, but at a major cost down line.
Their concern is not only getting you ranked highly, but how they can work with you and your current resources to help your business grow.They seem uninterested in your business model and whether or not your business is successful.
They are willing to provide an audit of your site AND recommended changes with sources to back it up.They provide you with with an audit but simply explain the problems with your site and fail to mention how they would fix it.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

All of our services take time to make a impact on your business. According to Google, effective SEO takes 4 to 12 months on average. We require the contract to ensure that you give us time to show the true value of our services, but understand that with our business model we don’t make money if you don’t. That is why Nosekabel Web Marketing strives to build lasting partnerships that are a benefit to both parties.

Can I cancel your services at any time?

Yes, but fee’s may apply depending on the circumstances. A priority at Nosekabel Web Marketing is keeping the agreements made between ourselves and partners beneficial for all parties involved, if you feel as though our partnership is not working please contact us.

How much do your services cost?

Every business and industry is different, they all require a unique strategy to be truly successful. Unfortunately because of this we are unable to have a set price on the services we offer. What we can say is that the services we offer are at a fair and honest rate, being much more affordable than some of our competitors simply because we can. We are a small husband and wife team which means we don’t have to cover the costs of having employees or renting office space. We can then pass those savings onto you.